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Attar Mitti

Attar Mitti

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  • The story of attars made from natural ingredients is connected to the past of Attar Perfume. Jain Perfumers has been renowned for its high-quality natural attars since the Mugal period, or perhaps earlier.

    The idea of changing rain into perfume isn't novel, even though it came into the spotlight in recent times due to the media's interest.

    It soon became one of the most sought-after fragrances at Jain Super Store. The fragrance of Mitti Attar has been recently extremely popular and has been featured in international media due to its distinctive scent, which is similar to that baking earth. The mellow, soothing scent inspires a sense of renewal.

    What is the scent like?

    This gorgeous Attar scents like baked soil after an initial rainfall. When the monsoons come and splash life onto the scorched and heated soil, due to the intense exposure to sunlight the baked earth releases its distinctive scent that one could easily be drawn to it is the scent that is Mitti Attar. It is also known for its slang names such as "The scent of Rain" or "Petrichor Essential Oil".

    Uses & Benefits:

    Mitti Attar can be used directly as a perfume. Additionally, it is additionally used to create a scent as well as an air freshener essential oil as well as in aromatherapy.

    The mesmerizing aroma that the attar of Mitti can relieve stress and can help bring you back into your own being. The natural and soothing attar can be utilized to help you get through your day. Its calming aroma is thought to be a stress reliever.

    How to Apply as Perfume?

    It can be applied directly to your skin and particularly to nerves to enhance your experience.

    Because the scent emanating from Mitti Attar is similar to the first smell of rain, wet soil, as well as the earth. This will help increase your connection to the natural world and your own inner self.

    Key Facts to Know About Mitti Attar/Gill Attar:

    • It's a relatively light scent that is suitable for use at the workplace or in the office, etc.
    • The scent is highly appreciated by clients in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, England, and UAE.
    • It assists you in staying in a calm and peaceful state. The scent helps you stay grounded.

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