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Marjoram Essential oil 10 ML

Marjoram Essential oil 10 ML

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Another oil is made from a culinary herb used for centuries in herbal medicine. Marjoram Essential Oil is soothing and comforting. It can be used in massage blends to relieve muscle spasms and pains such as cramps, periods, bruises, sprains, or aching joints and muscles after a long day. This oil is great for the female cycle and alleviates menopause symptoms.

Marjoram Oil's powerful antispasmodic properties also help to ease upset stomachs, flatulence, and intestinal cramps. A few drops taken from a tissue can soothe a tickly throat and clear the head. This pleasant, spicy, herbaceous scent is a great aid in getting a good night's sleep, relieving stress, and decreasing hyperactivity.

Marjoram Essential Oil, like many other essential oils, has many therapeutic benefits. It is tonifying and relaxing to the body. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of Sweet Marjoram essential oil are also effective.

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