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Hari Darshan Tribal White Sage + Palo Santo 12 Pkt

Hari Darshan Tribal White Sage + Palo Santo 12 Pkt

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Packed date: Nov 2023 . Best before 5 years

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Tribal Soul are 100% natural Indian Incense made from herbs, spices, gums, barks with essential oils and perfumes. Made of natural forest products and more than 90% natural oil. The result is beautiful, environment-friendly and the fragrance will spread everywhere. These incense are the most popular incense of the world it's enthralling and captivating aroma. 

Fragrance: White Sage + Palo Santo 
Burning Time : Approx 60 min Non-Toxic. Hand Rolled in India. 
No Animal By-Products. No Child Labour Used, Environment-Friendly. 
Other Varieties: Palo Santo, White Sage, Myrrh, White Copal, Sweetgrass + Ceder, White Sage + Lavender, White Sage + Palo Santo

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