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Ginger Essential Oil 10 ML

Ginger Essential Oil 10 ML

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Packed date: Nov 2023 . Best before 5 years

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Ginger Essential Oil is used in massage blends to improve circulation, warm cold hands, and feet, and ease general muscle strains as well as joint stiffness. Because it is compatible with the digestive system, you can use it in massage blends to soothe stomach upsets.

Ginger Essential Oil acts as an arterial stimulant. This makes it useful in skin care for revitalizing and restoring a youthful glow to dull or tired skin. When combined with peppermint essential oils, it is very effective in relieving motion sickness. You can inhale some oil from a tissue or massage these oils before you travel.

Ginger Essential Oil can help those with low confidence, indecision, or lack of motivation. It helps to bring clarity, strength, and determination.

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