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Basil Essential Oil 10 ML

Basil Essential Oil 10 ML

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basil essential oil is extracted from the herb Ocimum basilicum, of the Lamiaceae (Labiatae) family.

Basil is an aromatic tonic that can bring strength to the mind and clarity to people who have gone too far, become tired, are ill with stress, lethargy, or lack of focus. This essential oil's attributes are perfect for helping to focus your mind in stressful situations when it can be hard to think straight.

Basil Essential Oil Benefits And Uses

Basil essential oil is a softer, more aniseed-like oil that has a pleasant aroma. This oil is much better than the exotic methyl chavicol type basil oil. Basil is a sweeter, more herbaceous, slightly spicy, and more refreshing aroma. It also has a warm, balsamic background that helps to clear the mind and gives it strength.

To maintain clear sinuses and easy breathing, inhale or vaporize Basil essential oils.

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