What is a Rose (Gulab Long-Lasting Energised) Attar

What is a Rose (Gulab Long-Lasting Energised) Attar

The rose attar, also known as the attar of roses, also referred to as Ruh Gulab across India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh is one of the most frequently used natural fragrances in the world. Roses are regarded as the most gorgeous flowers on earth, and their scent-enhancing ingredients are widely admired for their delicate, heart-warming scents.

Other names for rose attars are rose essence, rose oil and rose otto. They also include rose essential oil and attar of roses.

What is Rose Attar?

Rose Attar Perfume

The majority of rose attars are essential oils that are derived by the pistils of various kinds of roses. They are created through the process of steam distillation, while rose absolutes are gathered by solvent extraction.

The absolutes are often employed in the perfume industry and the methods of production originate from Persia. Despite the price and the introduction of synthetic alternatives rose attars, also known as rose oils are among the most frequently used fragrances in the world.

Extraction Methods of Rose Attars

The production of rose attar is labor intensive. The process of picking flowers is performed by hand prior to dawn in the early morning and the chemicals are distillated the next day.

There are three methods for extracting the oil from flowers

  1. Steam distillation is a process that creates an essential oil that is natural and is called rose attar or the rose attar.
  2. Solvent extraction is the process that creates an absolute, dubbed rose absolute.
  3. Carbon dioxide extraction creates a semi-solid or waxy substance that is marketed as carbon dioxide or rose concrete extract.

History Of Rose Attar

The use of roses for scent were first embraced by early civilizations such as Romans, Chinese, and Egyptians who were cultivating the flower extensively around 5000 years ago.

In India in the past, from the period of Mughal Emperor Jahangir the rose attars have been produced in the city of "Kannauj" (the attar capital in India) for over 400 years. Nur Jahan, the wife of Emperor Jahangir was a passionate lover of roses, and she would love to soak in a filled by rose petal.

Types of Roses

There are many varieties of roses that can be found in various environments around the world. The majority of roses are grown to produce rose oils or rose attars.

Cabbage rose is botanically known by the botanical name of Rosa centifolia, it is cultivated across France, Egypt, and Morocco.

Damask rose, botanically referred to as Rosa damascene It is cultivated across India, Bulgaria, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Russia and China.

Major Compounds of Rose Attars

Rose attars could comprise hundreds of constituents depending on the extraction process and blend composition. 

Uses and Benefits of Rose Attar Oils

  • Rose attars , also known as rose essential oils contain many beneficial components that bring numerous benefits for mind and body.
  • Some of the most notable results of rose attars or rose oils are :
  • Antimicrobial - rose attars possess certain substances, particularly citrus-based compounds that are antibacterial, antiviral antibiotic, and antifungal in nature, making them efficient in treating skin conditions as well as respiratory diseases.
  • Antioxidant Rose attars are packed with powerful antioxidants which can help in the detoxification of the skin and body.
  • Antispasmodic rose attar as well as rose essential oil may help relieve spasms in the muscles as well as the respiratory system and the intestine. This makes it very effective for menstrual cramps, as well as miscarriages among women.
  • Improve mood One of the major advantages of using rose attar is that it will improve mental and emotional strength and self-confidence. It is a powerful weapon against depression and stress.
  • Balance hormones, such as rose attars are proven to be efficient in controlling hormone secretions.
  • Anti-aging, with its skin-repairing and rejuvenating actions rose attar is an essential ingredient in maintaining an attractive complexion.
  • Moisturising - thanks to its deeply moisturising properties rose attars are utilised in the production of cosmetics that are moisturising.

How To Use Rose Attars or Rose Oils

Pure rose attar oil is extremely expensive It can be utilised in conjunction by adding water, or any other ingredient if you wish to inhale it or to apply it to your skin.

To take a rose-scented bath, add 10 drops to an oil carrier and add them to the water you are bathing in. Essential oils or attars should always be mixed with carrier oils prior to adding them to the water.

For managing stress, anxiety and depression, you can dab Rose Attar Oil on the chest, or you can inhale it with diffusers. You can also do oil massages to relax your mind and body.

To enjoy the fragrance of rose attar, you can rub the oil on your finger and palm and gently rub the oil before applying it on your clothes or on your skin.
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