The Perfect Method for Burning Resin Incense

The Perfect Method for Burning Resin Incense

Incense made of resin is an experience that is completely different. Resins fall under the category of indirect burning incense. This means that resins do not contain any combustible materials, and they require an additional source of heat in order to burn. The burning and charcoal embers are typically utilized to provide external sources of heat.


Incense from Resin was always a more mystical feel as opposed to the popular incense. Resins originate from certain trees, which means there's no manufacturing or production. Incense sticks can be manufactured using undesirable materials however when it comes to resin-based incense it's only one substance tree resin. When it comes to other types of incense the typical practice is to light the stick and let it burn in a holder. However, with resins, there are a variety of steps to follow and to me, this makes burning resin more ritualistic.


Rituals such as burning incense can serve as a bridge to help you become attuned to your spirit and your spirituality. It can be a relaxing and therapeutic experience and every scent may trigger various emotions in you. Incense made of resin tends to have an intense scent and lasts longer than other types of incense. According to Michele from shipping put it, "Resin is like the Yankee Candle of incense". ( Yes I'm aware that Yankee Candle isn't exactly the most environmentally-friendly and fresh name in the market. We all know how strong the smell of their store is when you're near them in the shopping mall. This is where the name comes from).


Below, we have provided the best method for burning charcoal to burn resins and the best way to enjoy the enchanting aroma of charcoal --

1.    Use a special vessel to burn resin, or you can pick up the bowl you can find at home that you aren't afraid of being damaged. Then fill it with sand, ash, or even salt. These substances assist in absorbing the heat from the charcoal.

2.    To ensure that the resins be efficient to burn, it is essential to make sure that the coal is burnt fully. The lighting of just the edges leads to inefficient combustion of coal. The flame quickly dies.

3.    Always use tongs to deal with charcoal that is burning, and never try it using your hands or even without gloves.

4.    Sprinkle or lay some pieces of resin on top of the charcoal, and let it melt and then burn. You should use only a tiny amount of resin enough to last about 15 minutes. Be sure to not add too excessively as it could impede the overall experience.

5.    As soon as it begins giving the most amazing, fragrant, and delicious smoke, watch the magic take place before your eye.

6.    Take the bowl out and let the smoke be absorbed into every corner of the home. You could also sing or chant mantras during this exercise.

7.    Try different kinds of resins based on your mood and needs. If you are looking to block off negativity from the home, consider using Frankincense and Myrrh resin. Dragon's Blood can be used to improve energy and boosts mood and mood uplifting, spiritual Blend is used to gain health benefits, like improved blood circulation.

It doesn't matter if you do it for religious reasons or for any other reason, burning resin incense is an enjoyable experience. The smell of resins does not only bring back long-lasting memories, it also transforms and transports you to another place with its enchanting sensory experience.

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