What is agarwood incense used for?

What is agarwood incense used for?

One of the oldest and revered ingredients in incense agarwood also referred to as aloeswood or oud is the name used to describe the aromatic and dark resin-suffused wood found in species like Aquilaria, Gyrinops, and Aetoxylon trees. Incense and agarwood chips were both burned prior to the advent of writing and have been used in an array of rituals and religious ceremonies and rituals across the globe. Intensely primitive, psychoactive and distinctive the smell of fine agarwood has been thought to be one of the best scents to use for yoga and meditation and also for many other spiritual practices.

As a scent, agarwood incense will vary greatly depending on the time of the trees, the location, and the expertise that the distiller has,, all crucial factors that affect the final scent. Even if all conditions are the same, only a few batches of agarwood really identical. It can be sweet and fun with fruity notes that are shadowy as well as earthy and woody some hints of crushed foliage, or even deeply animalistic with an airy and stimulating musky. Agarwood is generally very strong and animalistic, and more masculine.

Agarwood Incense: The Advantages of Agarwood Incense

There are many advantages to the burning of incense made from all-natural ingredients and inhalation of various essential oils, ranging from decreasing stress and helping sleep to boost productivity, and even a stronger immune system. These benefits can only be claimed for the use of 100% natural incense. To see a complete list of organic and natural incense advantages, visit our website about the advantages of natural incense sticks.

#1 - Being in the same place as incense has been proven to lead to increased creativity. The reason behind this is similar to the experience of listening to music, which can provide motivation and inspiration. Aromas can also be an effective trigger for emotional memory that can stimulate thought and stimulate creativity (Collins 2012). Agarwood is especially effective because of its distinct and psychoactive character.

#2 If we're angry, disturbed, or anxious, our brain releases stress hormones. These hormones trigger inflammation that results in releases of proinflammatory substances, known as Cytokines as well as stress hormones like cortisol. These are able to significantly impair cognitive performance, essentially impairing naturally occurring processes. This is one of the major reasons that people who are stressed can perform less well than they do normally. Inhaling specific scents has been proven to be a reliable method of reducing heart rate and relaxing nerves. They can also trigger certain ion channels within your brain that trigger the production and release of mood-enhancing hormones and proteins like TRPV3 and serotonin. These will significantly reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Research has proven that agarwood is one of the most effective smells to help with this. Vanilla and Frankincense have also been proven to be effective.

#3 Buddhists, as well as Hindu monks, have used agarwood for the practice of meditation over the course of thousands of years to get their minds clear and improve concentration. Concentration levels that are higher are linked to increased productivity. Agarwood burning has been proven to be the most effective method for this and is perfect for studying, working, or similar tasks.

The Agarwood Incense Sticks


Each of our incense has a scent from this species Aquilaria agallocha, which is one of the most sought-after and fabled kinds of agarwood that exist around the globe. Also called Assam Agarwood, this agarwood is fiercely primordial, animalistic, musky, and evocative, with rich woody notes as well as the warm earthy undertones of the Assamese forest. We extract all of our oils from sustainably-grown organic trees.

We collect our incense basic ingredients comprised principally of pure bamboo charcoal as well as vanilla powder and sandalwood powder, as well as different resins, and then we blend them all together. Once the mixture is off at the right consistency, we introduce the organic Assam Agarwood along with Mysore sandalwood oil, before mixing it by hand. Then, we grab our bamboo sticks and slowly play with the mixture. The sticks are then left to dry before being packed away ready for shipping throughout the world. We don't employ any fancy equipment, but basic tools to offer the customer a handcrafted product exactly as it was made hundreds of years ago.

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