The Best Attar to Keep You Warm In Winter Season

The Best Attar to Keep You Warm In Winter Season

They have taken over the fragrance business by storm due to their alcohol-free quality and long-lasting nature. Attars are getting more attention and are now a part of the mainstream fragrance industry. Because attars originate from a traditional Arab Culture, the key elements like the source ingredient, preparation methods for the majority of the attars don't exist in a written form. The oral tradition of attars has pushed the use of attars and has brought it into the spotlight even in modern times. Although the original information isn't available, the fundamental knowledge of the mixing and mixing process is employed to extract attar using various aromatic flowers, plants along other spices. Jain Super Store

The fragrance of the oils extracted from natural substances such as flowers as well as spices, herbs and can help to re-energize your spirit and is believed to lift your senses to a new level. The product is organic in nature and is of superior quality and makes the environment clean and sustainable. This is the reason it is a fundamental part of the religion of prayer in Arab and middle east. But many people do not realize that in addition to being unique to a specific time of usage it is also classified according to the right time of year! You're shocked, aren't you? Yes, the attar is composed of completely natural ingredients, and therefore, each one has a particular season that is associated with it. Today, we'll talk about four different attars that come with special ingredients that make you feel warm and fuzzy even when you are experiencing a cold winter outside.

Oud Attar

Oud is called by English as agarwood made up of approximately 15 different species of the Aquilaria genus is derived from the barks of the trees that are found in the southeast regions of Asia. The finest quality Agarwood trees are located in the former nations of Indochina including Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. The species called Aquilaria malaccensis, located in Indonesia is believed in the eyes of many as being the most effective maker of agarwood resin. "Oud" refers to the Arabic word for a fragrant resinous wood. Since the beginning of time, it was used throughout Asia and the Middle East, and Asia in the form of incense made from wood chips as well as body oils and scents. Since this attar is composed of the bark of the Agarwood Tree, it naturally is the top choice. If the attar is applied it will not just block the incense-like, woody smell, but will definitely bring warmth to your body. Oud Attar is worn by males and females and has been found to be suitable for all.

How to apply?

  • Use a small amount of attar and place it on the inside of the wrists. Rub both wrists against one another.
  • Apply it to the inner part of each earlobe and gently rub it gently.
  • These are the pressure points on our body that allow the scent of the attar to remain for a long period of time.

Musk Attar

The scent of musk gets its name from its source. According to the classic interpretations, the fragrance of the special kind was found only inside the glands of one particular male deer species. The species was also found in the northern region of the Himalayas. Since it is extremely rare in nature and the need to invest in top-of-the-line techniques for extracting the scent people began to look for alternative options. After a few years of success, they discovered that a similar smell is released by resins of certain varieties of wood, like amber. Since then it was a complicated and intricate collection of various species that emits the same scent is utilized to create the characteristic scent we call Musk Attar and Buy Natural Attar OnlineMusk Attar is among the most sought-after attars on the market. It has the most intense note and is more likely to be worn by males more often than females. Musk attar emits an almost similar scent to Oud, however, it is more intense. It has been proven to increase the body's temperature by applying it in the proper amount. Here's the procedure.

How to apply?

  • Make a small amount of attar and rub it to the inside of the wrists. Rub both wrists together.
  • Place it on the inside of each earlobe, and then gently rub the earlobes gently.
  • These are the pressure points on our body that allow the aroma of the attar to remain for a long period of time.

Amber Attar

Amber is the dried-up resin of numerous leguminous trees that grow throughout the globe. Amber is famous due to its attractive and distinctive nature from the beginning of time. It was also used as jewelry by the ancients. Amber is a bit like the shade of liquid gold and sparkles under the bright lighting. Certain types of amber emit a pleasant scent. The resin is a natural calming property. It is a drinkable tea or be applied directly to the skin. Its distinctive qualities make it a sought-after natural ingredient on the market. The same amber is utilized to extract the attar. Since it is 100% natural, this attar is made by the barks trees. The main characteristic of Amber Attar is therefore of warming. The attar creates a unique scent that has warm woody undertones that are sure to soothe your body and your soul.

How to Apply?

  • Make a small amount of attar and place it on the inside of the wrists. After that, rub both wrists against one another.
  • Apply it to the inner part of each earlobe and gently rub it gently.
  • These are the pressure points in our bodies that allow the scent of attar to last for a long period of time.

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Saffron Attar

Saffron, also known as Kesar as it is referred to in India is not just a flavoring and medicinal properties but also has symbolic value. The most costly spice utilized within Indian households. Saffron is actually the filaments of flowers of the Iris family. It is a rare plant in and of itself, not to mention the filament! Apart from being utilized in exotic meals in India, Our very personal Tricolor Flag has the color of saffron on the top. It is a symbol of sacrifice. Kesar also comes with a variety of health benefits. The attar derived from the filaments provides the most pleasant aroma that can be imagined! The saffron-colored attar is dark yellow in appearance and can be quite volatile. It is however one of the attars that are extracted from the flower's filaments (and not the barks) that can give exactly the same warmness as Oud and Musk Attar.

This is the reason why it is always recommended to drink Kesar milk in winter. 

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