12 Interesting Things You Don't Know About Perfume

12 Interesting Things You Don't Know About Perfume

The smell of scent that lingers in the air is what has enabled poets to create timeless poetry about friendship, love, and betrayal, as well as other vices and virtues. For centuries, dynasties all over the globe have taken immense efforts to preserve, and safeguard the secrets of a truly exquisite perfume production.

We share with you interesting facts about the scent of perfume which can create jealousy or love in the most heart-warming of hearts. It can also transport an old person back down pathways of sexual youth.

1. The fragrances are activated by heating. Spraying or dabbing them onto your primary pulse points such as elbows, neck, and back of ear temples etc. makes sure that the three notes (top middle, base, and top) of perfume create the most effective scent. Keep your perfume bottle out of humidity, heat, and light to keep it fresher for longer.

2. APHRODISIAC NATURE: It's quite common to be attracted to a person due to the scent of their perfume. Certain kinds of perfumes contain Pheromones that have aphrodisiac qualities. This is why people are attracted to those who radiate these sexually stimulating scents.

3. Memories trigger the scents of perfumes may bring back memories. The scent you wear during a trip can trigger memories of the trip in later times when the same scent is encountered again. Many people believe that wearing particular perfumes can help them cope with the loss of their loved ones since they feel that their memories are everywhere in their surroundings.

4. Treat INSOMNIA Treatment for Insomnia: You read it correctly. Parfums are infused with essential oils that help to relax your mind and allow you to rest comfortably in the evening. Citrus fruits, floral, and winter spice fragrances soothe the mind, relieve tension and soothe the body. Because of this, scents are often utilized in aromatherapy.

5. AMBERGRIS: LIQUID OLD A costly scarce component in some perfumes, ambergris can be distinguished by a remarkably sweet and musky aroma that has made many a perfume lover with no words to describe this exotic scent precisely. It is derived from the largest mammal in the world and can cost a few thousand dollars for one kilogram. Gold in liquid form for a reason!

6. The perfume lasts longer in your HAIR: Spraying the fragrance into your hair can make the scent last longer because of the oily character on your scalp. When you spray the perfume on skin that is open the perfume will break down quicker and the scent is eventually lost.

7. MUSK, BUT NOT Musk: Musk is a reddish-brown material derived from deer musk, which is an endangered species that should not be destroyed. Therefore, perfumers work with synthetic raw materials to imitate authentic Musk. Therefore, it's not an actual MUSK and is instead is ARTIFICIAL MUSK.

8. A PERFUME, DIFFERENT PEOPLE and a different scent A perfume that is the same can have a different scent depending on the person. This is due to how the body reacts to components of the perfume, due to their unique body chemical composition, genetics, and diet preferences.

9. More ASTRONAUTS than perfumers According to BBC the perfumers are such an unusual kind that the number of astronauts in the world than perfumers! A perfumer is a half-scientist, half-artist who recollects the smells of thousands of substances, receives intense training, and hones his/her craft over time to be capable of capturing the essence of a scent in the form of a liquid and preserving the essence in a bottle to be shared with humanity.

10. Essential OILS The production of perfume is dependent heavily on essential oil. Of the 250,000 flowering plant species, only about 2000 species are utilized to extract vital oils i.e. 8percent of the species. If a disease destroys a blooming season's crop of flowers it could cause a major negative impact on a perfume production house. It takes around 800 pounds of jasmine flowers in order to make 1 pound worth of essential oils.

11. Packaging influences the perception of buyers Nowadays perfume manufacturers store their scents in beautiful flacons that attract buyers visually to buy. Additionally, buyers are influenced by their weight and the quality of the container the flacon is packaged in.

12. The MILLION DOLLAR NOSE: French perfumer Jean Carles, who created scents that resembled Miss Dior was able to have his nose covered for an incredible amount of one million dollars. This is one proud nose!

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